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Massage & hydrotherapy

Botanika offers a variety of massage and hydrotherapy treatments that will help you not only feel great, but improve your health too! Some of the benefits include enhanced circulation, cleansing detox, boosting the immune system, improving mood and relaxation.

Come and experience treatments at Botanika Wellness Retreat. We’re close to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. When you arrive we’ll speak to you about which treatments will best meet your needs. Many of our guests enjoy treatments for relaxation or cleansing/detox.

How do treatments work?

We’ll discuss treatment options with you on your initial consultation, and focus on meeting your specific needs.

4 treatments are included in our 5 day package. More treatments may be requested at an additional cost (subject to time and availability). Treatments are generally provided in the afternoons.

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Relaxing during a massage treatment


Swedish massage

Massage that is aimed at inducing relaxation, improving circulation and the physiological impact of illness on the body by improving circulation. This massage technique works the soft tissue and muscles using gentle, flowing strokes. Generally the back, arms, legs, neck and shoulders are all massaged to relieve stress and anxiety as well as help bring relief to muscular aches and pains..

Massage with heat packs

A great massage combination of applying moist heat packs to various areas and muscles followed by massage, resulting in deep relaxation and improved circulation.

Upper body

This massage focuses on the back, shoulders and neck to help relieve stress and tight muscles, which are common areas to experience pain.

Foot massage

There is nothing like having your feet massaged to help relieve stress and sore feet. This will leave you feeling relaxed with any tension just melting away…

Russian steam bath

A popular treatment with a wide application of benefits. It helps to boost the body’s ability to detox/cleanse, improves the mood, and assists in better immune function, metabolism, and circulatory needs.

This kind of sauna is designed so your head stays out of the steam cabinet. Breath fresh air while still benefiting from steam effects over the rest of your body.

Fomentation treatment

Fomentation is a powerful treatment used for specific conditions – especially relieving chest congestion, inflammation, cramping or spasm pain. Very helpful for rejuvenating certain organs such as the liver and kidneys. Each heated, moist pack is applied for several minutes to a specific area, then alternated with a cold pack.

Sedation sheet wrap

The body is wrapped in a cold sheet, then a plastic sheet, and finally a blanket. The sheet warms quickly with the heat of the body and induces a sedative effect. Helps in the relief of sleeplessness, irritability and stress.

Also highly beneficial as a cleansing treatment due to its ability to remove large amounts of impurities from the body via the skin. This treatment assists in cleansing the body of waste through the skin due to its osmotic nature.

Ice massage

A highly beneficial treatment used effectively to relieve pain and swelling associated with inflamed muscles and joints.

Hot foot bath

Hot foot baths are a popular hydrotherapy treatment proven to address (via reflex pathways) head, chest and bladder areas with congestion or low circulation.

While sitting, the body is wrapped in a sheet and blanket with feet in a container of warm to hot water. Once perspiration begins the head is kept cool and fluids are given to maintain hydration.

Hyperthermia treatment

The elevation of body temperature is a normal physiological response to inflammation and infection. The aim of hyperthermia or also known as ‘fever therapy’ is to increase the body’s temperature slightly and safely which increases the body’s ability to fight infection. The White Blood Cell (WBC) is increased, as is their rate of movement and activity.

In this treatment a person reclines in a hot bath. Body temperature rises slowly to a state of mild body fever for twenty minutes. Pulse rate and temperature are checked at regular intervals. Cold compresses on the forehead along with a fan helps to make the treatment more pleasant. The drinking of fluids is encouraged to maintain body hydration. At the end of the increased body temperature, bath water temperature is lowered to reduce body temperature back to usual.

Hyperthermia may assist in helping glandular fever, general flu and colds, and many conditions where the body is fighting infections caused by virus, bacteria or mould/fungus.



Clay body wrap

Clay is a complex mixture of active minerals which have the ability to draw impurities from the body into the clay. Warm, fine clay is applied over the entire body. The clay draws and removes impurities and toxins through the skin, can help balance mineral deficiencies, and imparts antiseptic/cleansing properties – all while you enjoy the relaxing effect and warmth of the clay wrap.

Clay wraps are an indispensable treatment in any cleanse/detox regimen. This treatment is particularly good for arthritic conditions, eczema and psoriasis, fluid retention and weight gain.

Ultra-skin package

Treatment begins with a neck, shoulder and facial massage for a blissful, relaxed feeling. Mass age nourishes and improves the circulation of the skin. A freshly prepared, special blend facial mask is then applied.

The special facial clay has a cleansing effect, while the essential oils and ground linseed nourish the skin. Followed with a twenty minute foot massage while the facial mask does its work.

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