Our story, vision, and operating principles.

A great need for more home-style health retreats

Adrian and Michealle Dorman have been privileged to work in leading Australian health retreats as well as in the USA and Africa.

They’ve seen that while larger health retreats have their place, a growing need exists to provide a more personal, homelike environment, where guests can learn and implement the foundations of healthy living needed for when they return home.

The vision

Here at Botanika we believe that your health is one of life’s most important assets. Our goal is for you to achieve the most optimal state of health and well-being as is possible. We embrace the scientifically proven laws of health, which when regularly practiced bring restoration (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially & spiritually).

As part of this, Botanika incorporates the health promoting and healing properties of plants (botanicals). Through plant foods, medicinal herbs, physical activity amongst nature and much more, our guests can experience the restoring power of botanicals!

The name ‘Botanika’ has its origins in Europe and means a place to obtain products containing the healing properties of plants or botanicals. Similarly, Botanika Wellness Retreat has been designed as a place for our guests to ‘obtain’ the remedies provided by nature to experience wellness again…

While respecting people of all backgrounds, Botanika’s basic values and perspectives on health are Christian in nature. We endeavour to make all feel at home.

How Botanika Wellness Retreat started

While working mostly in various retreats, in recent times Adrian and Michealle fulfilled a dream of travelling Australia lecturing and teaching…

Seeing the growing interest and demand for smaller home style health retreats, and after careful research, they settled in southeast Queensland – easily accessible to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast regions. Here they established Botanika Wellness Retreat and now lead a small but dedicated team. The retreat has been established not just as a great place to get away, but as a place where guests can learn and implement positive, long-term lifestyle changes.

Organic lettuce and shallots in the garden for guest meals

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Michealle Dorman

Michealle is originally from the Napa Valley in Northern California.

After working in a Cardiovascular medicine clinic in a hospital, she saw the overwhelming need to help clients address their health through adopting lifestyle choices and thus reduce their health risk factors.

She embarked on a journey that led her to work with a group of industry leading health professionals that provided a live-in facility where guests not only implemented lifestyle changes but experienced significant improvement and often reversal of many conditions. Afterwards she was the head cook and manager of a busy plant-based restaurant in Georgia, USA. Then she met Adrian!

Adrian Dorman

Adrian is from the Hunter Valley, NSW and undertook nursing where he worked for a number years as an RN in Intensive Care, Paediatrics and General nursing.

An interest grew from nursing to undertaking studies in Lifestyle Counselling in the USA where he met Michealle. After getting married they returned to Australia. Adrian has worked since in management, lecturing and still likes to gets ‘hands-on’ with hydrotherapy and massage.

He has acted in a consultant capacity with the setting up a number of health retreats in Australia, Africa and Norway.