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Experience - Recharge
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Welcome to our home!

Here, our guests enjoy a new health retreat concept.

Botanika Wellness Retreat provides a personal, friendly, and homelike environment for you to regain your health and well-being. Our home has been designed to provide many of the services larger retreats offer.

The name ‘Botanika’ has its origins in Europe and means a place to obtain products containing the healing properties of plants or botanicals. Similarly, Botanika Wellness Retreat has been designed as a place for our guests to ‘obtain’ the remedies provided by nature to experience wellness again.

More about Botanika Wellness Retreat

What we offer

Plant-based meals
Picturesque scenery
Restorative walks
English style countryside
Pool, sauna & spa
Massage, hydrotherapy
Lifestyle change

Package inclusions

Our approach

Evidence based
Lifestyle medicine
Preventative healthcare
Healthy cooking classes
Medicinal plants & herbs
Five day program

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Our location

Botanika is conveniently located just northwest of Noosa in South East Queensland, close to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane.

Our country retreat is surrounded by abundant birdlife, and the occasional kangaroos and wallabies. Nearby are kilometres of walking trails with an amazing variety of scenery to enjoy.

Enjoy picturesque views over English style countryside in our beautiful part of the world.

Botanika Wellness Retreat is situated on the top end of the Sunshine Coast near Gympie, and just inland from Fraser Island.

At Botanica Wellness Retreat you’ll gain a wealth of practical knowledge on healthy living and begin to experience those benefits even in a relative short time.

Delicious home cooked meals will not only taste great but be good for your health and well-being. Massage and hydrotherapy treatments will relax and rejuvenate you.

You’ll leave our home-style retreat inspired & empowered to live a healthier, happier life.

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  • Delicious goodness of a wholesome plant-based cuisine, some from our seasonally grown veggies and herbs
  • Hands-on cooking classes which are both fun & educational. We empower guests to implement healthy changes in their kitchens at home. Take home the recipes!
  • English style countryside with picturesque views of rolling green hills and trees. Enjoy from our relaxing outdoor activity area.
  • Outdoor activity areas provide a tropical courtyard, swimming pool, sauna, spa, gym – all with a view! There’s even a firepit for an evening fireside chat.
  • Restorative walks through nearby forests with views to Pomona mountain
  • Gentle, effective healing from medicinal plants and herbs
  • A wide range of hydrotherapy treatments, body wraps and various types of massage to help you experience the feeling of wellness
  • Be serenaded with abundant birdlife
  • Return to your home newly equipped with lifestyle changes and effective tools to continue growing healthier
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Aerial view of Botanika Wellness Retreat

Aerial view looking back to Botanika Wellness Retreat.

Tasty plant based meal

Tasty, whole food plant based cuisine. Made with seasonal organic produce from our gardens.

You'll have great fun in our kitchen!

You’ll have great fun in our kitchen!

Relaxing during a massage treatment

Relaxing during a massage treatment